Your brakes are trying to tell you something; listen to them!

At BrakeAudit we believe there are far too many injuries, deaths, and delays due to bad brakes. Inspecting them visually takes too long but listening to them is easy. We’ve developed systems that listen to the sounds that brakes make and use that information to send alerts when something’s wrong. We have decades of experience developing acoustic systems for the military, industry, and entertainment industries. Our systems are used by law enforcement, fleet managers, and vehicle manufacturers to reduce downtime, improve throughput, and save lives.



BrakeAudit Awarded Contract from U.S. Department of Transportation - June 6, 2019 – Bethesda, MD – BrakeAudit LLC today announces that it has been awarded a contract from the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration to evaluate the BrakeAudit brake monitoring system at two municipal transit agencies.
Visit Us at CVSA’s Annual Convention September 22-26 - We’ll be at booth 105 – let us know if you’d like to schedule separate meetings.  This year’s CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition is Sept. 22-26, 2018, in Biloxi Mississippi.
BrakeAudit Completes Law Enforcement Spring Inspection Blitz - April 16, 2019 – Bethesda, MD. BrakeAudit LLC completed a spring inspection blitz with four different law enforcement organizations over one month, including our first Federal agency. Over 150 vehicles were screened with dozens taken out-of-service with brake-related violations. Further
Visit us at TMC’s Annual Meeting, March 18-21 - Visit us at TMC’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, March 18-21. Booth #3224. The Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition is home to trucking’s leading fleet professionals, vehicle manufacturers, and component suppliers.
BrakeAudit joins Governor’s Highway Safety Association - December 13, 2018 – Bethesda, MD – BrakeAudit has joined the Governor’s Highway Safety Association as an associate member. Further Information About BrakeAudit Headquartered in Bethesda MD, BrakeAudit provides drive-through automatic brake inspection systems used in fleet


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Does the vehicle need to be braking in front of BrakeAudit sensors?

Yes. Vehicles need to be braking where the wheel end are inside of the detection cone for BrakeAudit sensors. This cone is usually a 30 degree solid angle, and distance from the roadway is typically 10m or less. Places that can ensure braking include exit ramps at weigh stations and stop signs near facility exits, for example.

How are BrakeAudit sensors mounted?

BrakeAudit sensors can be mounted to any pole or other structure using suitable clamps. The sensors need to be angled so the wheel end passes within the 30 degree solid cone of sensing for each sensor; this means they can be mounted up to 3m high on any existing pole and pointed down at the roadway, for example.

What power and communications do I need for BrakeAudit sensors?

Power can be supplied through any voltage from 5V to 240V, both DC and AC. POE is sufficient. Communications are usually accomplished through internal cellular links. If data is sensitive, on-site processing can keep data from leaving the facility.