Fleet Management

Advanced warning of brake problems increases safety and operating efficiencies. BrakeAudit’s ultrasonic-based system issues immediate alerts if critical safety conditions are detected; the vehicle can be stopped immediately after leaving the maintenance facility. Operating efficiencies are improved through less roadcalls, mechanical breakdowns, and unplanned maintenance. BrakeAudit’s ultrasonic-based system provides daily updates of brake conditions which optimizes maintenance schedules.

Inspection Screening

BrakeAudit brake inspection systems are used as an enforcement tool for detecting vehicles with brake problems and increasing OOS rates at inspection stations.

eDVIR, Autonomous Vehicles, and Platooning

Automate electronic daily visual inspection reports (eDVIR) with BrakeAudit sensors. Update autonomous vehicle (AV) and platooning system brake models with current, real-world brake conditions to provide more accurate braking models.

Passenger Vehicle Inspection

Reduce trips to the shop for safety inspection requirements with BrakeAudit’s drive-through automated brake inspection system. Vehicle license plate is automatically recognized and safety records updated with results of the brake inspection.

On-board OEM Brake Monitoring Sensors

BrakeAudit sensor systems are integrated on-board providing detailed, real-time information on brake conditions not attainable through J1939 brake pressure and deceleration data. Alert drivers and optimize maintenance schedules with detailed condition-based reports on brakes.