Every 5 minutes someone is killed or injured in a tractor trailer accident. Thirty percent of these accidents involve brake failure.

15% of all trucks and buses inspected every day are taken out of service due to faulty brakes.

BrakeAudit provides drive-through automatic brake inspection systems used in fleet management, inspection screening, eDVIR, and autonomous vehicles and platooning.

Your brakes are trying to tell you something – Listen to them!


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Visit us at TMC’s Annual Meeting, March 18-21 - Visit us at TMC’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, March 18-21. Booth #3224. The Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition is home to trucking’s leading fleet professionals, vehicle manufacturers, and component suppliers.
BrakeAudit joins Governor’s Highway Safety Association - December 13, 2018 – Bethesda, MD – BrakeAudit has joined the Governor’s Highway Safety Association as an associate member. Further Information www.brakeaudit.cominfo@brakeaudit.com www.ghsa.org headquarters@ghsa.org About BrakeAudit Headquartered in Bethesda MD, BrakeAudit provides drive-through automatic brake inspection systems used in fleet
BrakeAudit Participates in Law Enforcement Campaign - October 25, 2018 – Bethesda, MD.  BrakeAudit participated in a one-day enforcement campaign with the CMV Enforcement Divisions of several law enforcement agencies in a major mid-Atlantic state.  Several vehicles were found with bad brakes and placed out of service. 
BrakeAudit Completes Another Installation - October 8, 2018 – Bethesda, MD – BrakeAudit, manufacturer of drive-through automatic brake inspection systems, recently completed an installation for a 60-vehicle transit system in the mid-Atlantic region. Further Information www.brakeaudit.com info@brakeaudit.com About BrakeAudit Headquartered in Bethesda MD, BrakeAudit provides drive-through
Visit us at CVSA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition, September 23-27 -   We’ll be at booth 5 – let us know if you’d like to schedule separate meetings.  This year’s CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition is Sept. 23-27, 2018, in Kansas City, Missouri.  


Somewhere, a broken hearted push rod yearns for its lost clevis.

Don't spoil #ValentinesDay Check your air brakes regularly to ensure they're in good working order. We certainly will.

Title 49 CFR Section 393.48(a) / 26453 CVC
Note: Violation only; not O/S


One unsafe truck at a time is how #MTOofficers keep #Ontario roads safe for everyone! Thanks to a @ONtransport Officer you’ll never hear about the tragedy this could have caused! @JeffYurekMPP @fordnation @CVSA #TruckDriver #Truckers #saferoads #RoadSafety #RoadSafetyWeek2019

The brake violation shown in these photos is:

*obvious to us
*should be noticed on a pre-trip inspection

In this case, the brake was out of adjustment - 2-5/8" travel on Clamp 30. The rust shows these pads haven't made contact with the drum in some time.

@cvsa @fmsca @Caltrux

Driver and company charged with a number of offenses including improper licence and defective brakes

Parking brake failure causes loaded school bus to roll backward, hit pole https://t.co/4QQtDLoT8T via @abc27